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Well hydration offers IV therapies including vitamin therapy to enhance overall wellbeing.  Well hydration licensed experienced nurses make it possible to receive IV hydration and vitamin therapies that promote good health and revitalize energy.

Whether you may be suffering from a hangover, jet lag, or you just need a boost. Hydration is the key to regroup, refresh and reboot.

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Total Hydration Rehydrate faster.
Feel better.
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Multi-vitamin IV infusion Essential vitamins.
Your body will thank you.
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B12 boost injection Did you know that a good percentage of adults are B12 deficient? Our B12 boost injection will provide a quick and easy much needed boost.. Learn More
Glutathione IV infusion Anti-aging defense.
Feel your best.
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Quick fix IV hydration Rehydrate faster.
Feel better.
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COVID-19 Rapid Antibody (Ab) testing COVID-19 Rapid Antibody (Ab) Testing Learn More
COVID-19 Rapid IA Antigen (Ag) nasal swab test Nasal swab for the detection of COVID-19 viral protein Learn More
COVID-19 Rapid molecular (nasal swab) test Molecular tests detect the genetic material or nucleic acid present inside a virus particle Learn More
Botox Reduces fine lines and wrinkles Learn More
Dermal Fillers Dermal fillers are gel-like substances such as hyaluronic acid gel, that are injected beneath the skin to restore your appearance. Learn More
L I P O – M I N O M I X Vitamin mix enhances weight loss Learn More
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Love to workout but feel depleted after? Don't worry, Well hydration services has got you covered. Whether it be a marathon you are preparing for or just a hard workout at the gym...we will get you in tip top shape in no time.
Have you ever had a little too much and woke up with a hangover? Don’t worry, we all have! But now there’s a solution. We can get you feeling better in no time with our IV hydration service.
Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. Let us hydrate you before and/or after your wedding to ensure that you are feeling your best on your special day.
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Treatment Benefits

We want you to feel your best. We can accomplish that goal by finding the right service for YOU. Read about the benefits of our treatments today!

B12 boost injection

Improve metabolismIncrease energyImprove memory


COVID-19 Rapid Antibody (Ab) testing

Know your status in just 15 minutes

COVID-19 Rapid IA Antigen (Ag) nasal swab test

Have you been exposed to the virus?

COVID-19 Rapid molecular (nasal swab) test

Rapid results in 10-30 minutes

Dermal Fillers

Restore your natural beauty - lost volume, lines and creases, or enhance facial contours

Glutathione IV infusion

Anti-aging propertiesSupport immune function Break down free radicals

L I P O – M I N O M I X

Fat burnerEnergy BoostAppetite Suppresssant

Multi-vitamin IV infusion

Energy enhancerImprove cellular function

Quick fix IV hydration


Total Hydration

Fluid and electrolyte hydration is essential for adequate bodily function Provides the means to transport essential nutrients throughout the body

Vitamin C IV infusion

Reduce your risk of chronic diseaseReduce inflammationMay lower your risk of heart disease

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Hydration Pre-Game

Rehydrate faster, feel better quicker

Say goodbye to your worst hangover! Well’s signature IV hydration is just what you need to get back on track. Our IV hydration couples perfect with an IV add-on anti-inflammatory or nausea medication.  Say goodbye to the headache, nausea and stomach upset.


the more the merrier

Group Bookings

Check out our special group offerings and get our services for a discounted rate when booking with 6 or more people. There is nothing better than feeling your absolute best with a group of friends and/or family.

Group bookings include:

  • Day after or day of your wedding
  • Bachelorette/bachelor parties
  • Before/after a marathon
  • Before/after your birthday party
  • So much more…
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Group Booking

Ask Us About Our Add-On’s

Enjoy the full wellness experience. We offers a variety of add-ons for your drip from anti-nausea to antacid.

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Rapid Covid-19 testing 🦠available at our urgent care location:
853 Mill Creek Rd

Accepting most major insurances.

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Meet us at the cabana @blacksheepstudiosnj all weekend long…


Walk-ins welcome! 

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Nothing a little hydration can’t remedy!  We are hydrating @blacksheepstudiosnj all morning!  Stop in! 💦☀️

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B12 boosting 
IV hydration 

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IV hydration 💦☀️

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It’s a beautiful morning!  The cabana is ready!  Stop by @blacksheepstudiosnj for a quick B12 boost and some iv hydration ☀️💦

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Summer sniffles? 🤧 or just need an immune boost?

Knock out any cold with a Vitamin C drip 🍊🍋 @wellhydration 

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, it is necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues. It's involved in many body functions, including formation of collagen, absorption of iron and the proper functioning of the immune system.  Book your drip! 

853 Mill Creek Rd

Weekends @blacksheepstudiosnj 

☎️ 609-529-0303

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