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Well hydration offers vitamin injections and IV therapies to immediately increase their client’s quality of life and wellbeing. Well hydration licensed experienced nurses make it possible to receive IV hydration and vitamin injections that promote good health and revitalize energy.

Whether you may be suffering from a hangover, the common cold, or you have over exhausted your body through exercise. We can help you hydrate faster so you can feel better.

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Hydration IV IV Hydration Rehydrate faster.
Feel better.
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Vitamin Bomb Vitamin Bomb IV Essential vitamins.
Your body will thank you.
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B12 Shot B12 Boost Quick and easy boost for your system. Learn More
Fountain of Youth Glutathione IV Anti-aging defense.
Feel your best.
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Faces of Well

Love to workout but feel depleted after? Don't worry, Well hydration services has got you covered. Whether it be a marathon you are preparing for or just a hard workout at the gym...we will get you in tip top shape in no time.
Have you ever drank a little too much and woke up with a hangover? Don’t worry, we all have! But now there’s a solution. We can get you feeling better in no time with our IV hydration service.
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Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. Let us hydrate you before and/or after your wedding to ensure that you are feeling your best on your special day.
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Treatment Benefits

We want you to feel your best. We can accomplish that goal by finding the right service for YOU. Read about the benefits of our treatments today!

B12 Boost

Improve metabolismIncrease energyImprove memory

Glutathione IV

Decrease muscle damageIncrease muscle recoveryIncrease strength

IV Hydration

Fluid and electrolyte hydration essential for adequate bodily function and well-beingEssential bodily functions rely on adequate hydrationProvides an overall sense of wellness

Vitamin Bomb IV

Energy enhancerMulti-vitamin boosterGood for overall health

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party smarter

Hydration Pre-Game

Rehydrate faster, feel better quicker

Say goodbye to your worst hangover! Well’s signature IV hydration is packed with the necessary vitamins to promote quick hydration and revitalize energy. Now you can get back to the party!


the more the merrier

Group Bookings

Check out our special group offerings and get our services for a discounted rate when booking with 6 or more people. There is nothing better than feeling your absolute best with a group of friends and/or family.

Group bookings include:

  • Day after or day of your wedding
  • Bachelorette/bachelor parties
  • Before/after a marathon
  • Before/after your birthday party
  • So much more…
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Group Booking

Ask Us About Our Add-On’s

Enjoy the full wellness experience. We offers a variety of add-ons for your drip from anti-nausea to antacid.

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